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* NO tricky and complicated point systems with expensive subscriptions, for what should be open and fair access to loads, to every transporter in the industry!

The NEXT version of Loads4Africa!

Quick update on our progress:
Our week-long new website testing has now concluded and we had some good feedback and results.

Good news is that the list of things to sort out before launch is shrinking by the day and we should hopefully get everything sorted out during this coming week. Although very frustrating not to have launched already, we trust that you would understand that by making sure the new system is stable will work to everyone's advantage and benefit by delivering a more positive experience at the end of the day.

Please note that you are more than welcome to continue using our Facebook facilities in the meantime to continue advertising loads and network throughout the industry.
Please click here to open our Loads4Africa Facebook Page.

THANK YOU , for everyone's positive words of encouragement throughout the last couple of weeks! You make Loads4Africa great!!

Best Regards
Loads4Africa team
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